Four characteristics that define us. Maybe they are good reasons to hire us. Maybe not. Decide it yourselves.


We are friends

And we are because we have been working together for many years. Minsk started in 2002 and although we are not all from the beginning, we have been together for many years. If there was no tuning we would already be on another adventure. But we like what we do and with whom we do it.


We are small

And we work side by side. Minsk is a permeable study. There is no project that we are not all aware of, and although there is a person assigned to each one, the contributions of the rest of the team are always welcome. We believe that this way of working enriches the end result.


We are diverse

We do not limit ourselves to only one type of client. Not a single line of communication. There is no common thread in all our work. We like to listen. To change and try new things. Because always doing the same is boring. And also because we believe that each client and each campaign require different solutions.


We are efficient

Although it may not be right to say it, we are. We are organized and meet delivery deadlines. Of course, speed is not at odds with quality and we put all the care into what we do. Although we only have five minutes to do it.

If we were obsessed with SEO, we would take advantage of this box to write: Design and Motion Graphics in Barcelona. Well, we already have done it. So we left it.

The team

And these are our faces.

Although we are shy, we show them to you. Not only that, but also our charges and contact details. We have undressed.

Now it’s your turn: call us and we know each other. You think?

Pere Gómez

Creative Director.
He collects kaláshnikov rifles.

Lluís Siñol

Art Director.
Motion Designer.
Rasputin Student.

Roser Biel

Motion grapher.
She grows radishes and cabbages.

Joan Pastor

Graphic designer.
UI & UX designer.
He loves to spend the summer in Siberia.

Our friends

Although we know how to do many things, we are not self-sufficient. Luckily, we have friends who help us. Programmers, illustrators, photographers, broadcasters, sound designers, producers and good people in general. Without them, we could not carry out our projects. In short, without our friends we would not be Minsk.