Graphic Design

Each client is different. That is why we observe and identify your needs. And we apply the graphic solution that adds character to your products, so that they are perceived as unique.

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Creative direction and art direction

Being clear about where to go is essential. Also for the creation of any graphic piece that passes through our hands. That is why we work on the concept, and apply the graphic style that best suits it to enhance it. We like to listen to you, in order to understand you. But we also like to advise you. So we understand that the end result is much richer.


Branding and corporative image

We know how important it is for you (clients) to feel comfortable with your own brand. For this reason, we contribute our knowledge and experience, either to start your branding project from scratch or to redesign the brand. And why not? That later you can show your logo very proudly.


Editorial Design

We love paper. To think of a format and draw a solid grid. To dive until you find the right typeface and apply it forcefully or subtly, as required by the project. And pamper the details to deliver a publication to be proud of.



At Minsk we also know how to illustrate. Shaping an idea, or emphasizing a concept with a good illustration. An added value to incorporate into your project. Take a look at our portfolio to see our style.