Motion Graphics & Films

We like to tell stories. We look for the best way to explain them. The idea and technique always at the service of the message you want to communicate.

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Concept and script

The blank sheet of paper. The moment when a story is nothing and it can be everything. Many times, a moment of panic at the abyss of creative emptiness, but always an opportunity to explain something new and think how to do it. And we love this.



When literature and ideas are transformed into images. In all our audiovisual projects, as simple as they are, we like to work with storyboards. Sometimes they are simple sketches and, sometimes, the scenes in great detail, but it is always an essential step to reach a successful conclusion.



It is difficult to summarize this phase of creation, since it is totally different depending on the type of piece we are making: video, stop motion, motion graphics … Each case is a world and each piece is different. But in all cases it is about respecting and making the most of the original idea, expressing its essence in the best possible way.



We have left it until the end, but it is a part of the process that we have in mind from the first moment. Any audiovisual piece is 50% image and 50% sound. Without audio, the piece is lame. Music, speech and sound design are essential pieces for the final result to be round.