Passion for culture

Conceptualization, illustration and design of communication campaigns of different municipal departments and agencies.
Graphic - Illustration - Editorial

Ajuntament de Sant Boi de Llobregat is committed to culture: literature, cinema, music, popular culture … That is why it carries out training, creation, production and cultural participation activities. Thus, it fosters the fabric of cultural values ​​to enrich citizen coexistence.

For many years, Minsk’s collaboration with the city council has been close. In this way, we have developed graphic images for all kinds of events, courses and workshops.

Creative writing for women

Ajuntament de Sant Boi de Llobregat wants to offer training in creative writing for women. For this reason, each year it organizes a writing workshop, in this case, stories, with Premi Literari Delta.

Minsk commissioned the image of the 2016 workshop, with a poetic and conceptual editorial illustration.

Escola de Música Blai Net: providing added value

Escola Municipal de Música Blai Net offers musical training to the population, making it accessible and close. It has music awareness, deepening and adult programs. It also has a transversal program for people with functional diversity. Minsk has designed various graphic materials for them, always trying to give added value to the design.

Other campaigns

We have also made images for specific events or specific campaigns. Thus, we have designed posters for March the 8th, against gender violence, Christmas, contests …