It never fails

Art direction, design and layout of KH7 products website, microsites and specialized websites, campaigns for social networks and graphic materials.
Graphic - UI&UX - HTML layout - Motion Graphics

KH Lloreda is leader in Spanish market for kitchen cleaners and stain removers, with its range of KH-7 products. It works with the commitment to offer effective cleaning products, providing added value and respecting and collaborating with its environment.

Since our beginnings almost 20 years ago, KH Lloreda has trusted us for communication and dissemination campaigns.

A single brand, a single website.

The progressive launch of new ranges of cleaning products expanded the product family exponentially. Each product had its own microsite, which made it difficult to identify the brand and use communication tools. In 2017, we included all products on a single website, unifying designs, content and resources, with special care for SEO and web positioning.

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A passion for sports

At KH-7 they love sports. Therefore, they collaborate and promote all kinds of races, competitions and sporting events. Some as important as Dakar Rally or Titan Desert. For all of them, we have designed a wide variety of communication elements: t-shirts, goal arches, rollups, photocalls … We have also produced material for social networks and audiovisual montages with amazing images from each competition.

Trust and experience.

During these years, we have learned to know each other. This professional (and personal) relationship has allowed us to bring design closer to customer needs in a very effective way.

Thus, we have designed for KH LLoreda an infinity of materials and with very diverse formats: internal communication elements, annual reports or newsletters. We have prepared content for social network, websites, microsites, videos and motion graphics … We have also designed and redesigned some of its packs, with special editions.