An app full of emotions

Production, design and animation of The Colour Monster app.
Motion graphics & Films - Web & APP

Client : Editorial Flamboyant
With the collaboration of Can Sons, Locutors Catalans, Protect Five

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The Colour Monster doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. He has made a mess of his emotions and needs to undo the mess. So he appeals to young and old to help him. And thus introduce them into the fascinating language of emotions.

Flamboyant publisher trusted us for UI design and animations of this App.

It is a fun app based on Anna Llenas’ children’s bestseller, The Colour Monster. Minsk has adapted and animated all illustrations and, furthermore, we designed app’s UI.

Minsk’s animation work, along with programmers team and sound work, have allowed users to interact with the famous monster.

Thus, the little ones learn, play and have a great time.