Global solution for math and science

Comprehensive communication service for Wiris: different pieces of motion graphics to explain each of its tools, campaigns for RRSS, banners, etc. Art Direction — Concept — Design — Motion Graphics

At Wiris they love math and science. For this reason, they develop tools to promote the digitization of STEM subjects teaching. And they integrate them into leading learning platforms (LMS) and word processors.

Minsk has made different pieces of motion graphics for them to explain each of their tools as clearly as possible. In addition, we support Wiris with communication in RRSS, banners, etc.

Didactic motion graphics at the height of a powerful product

MathType allows you to easily create mathematical equations and chemical formulas with a visual editor.

Wiris Quizzes allows you to add mathematical power to quizzes and platforms. Thus, it allows you to create questions with random variables and automatic evaluation of answers.

Wiris had the need to explain both products through a piece of motion graphics, in a clear and synthetic way, with a challenge: that their full potential be understood. The final product has been very satisfactory for the client.

Solution for MathType product (extract)

Solution for WirisQuizzes product (extract)