A publisher with soul

Corporate image for Castellnou, Almadraba and Didactaplus Publishing Group.
Corporate image — Editorial — Branding

The publishing group that includes Castellnou Edicions and Almadraba Editorial was founded in Barcelona in 1994 by and for educational sector professionals.

At the beginning it was dedicated to textbooks publication in language areas only for Catalonia. Now they have a catalog of textbooks and complementary material for most of the teaching areas. They create content for all stages and publish throughout Spain.

The order came in a time of change of management and strategy in the publishing house. They wanted to make a radical renewal of their image, in line with the business change.

The image we’ve developed transmits this new stage with a modern and functional style plus a consistent and solid brand image.

The two images, Castellnou and Almadraba, come the same graphic root. The logos evoke the visual conjunction of a castle and a rough sea, linking the brand’s symbol with the publishing houses names. At the same time, they create their own distinct images for each label.

Innovate to learnmore and better

The publishing group has created a new label to bring educational innovation to schools: Didacta+. They want to help teachers of the 21st century in their educational work and the new pedagogical methods.

For this reason, materials are based on neuroeducation, cooperative work, gamification and emotional education.

The “+” symbol is born from the confluence of four arrows. It is the meeting point where students think, research, relate and compare to reach a goal. These are the four axis of Didacta + project that come together in the same symbol.

Furthermore, it represents the concept of centrality on the student opposed to the classical model.