Clean solutions website

Our work
UI&UX design · HTML development

Art direction
Erika Escudero

Protect Five

View website is a web portal specialized in the cleaning sector that offers the user all kind of everyday solutions. Minsk.Barcelona has contributed from the project conception, to the UI design and web development, teamworking and contributing in offering the best quality product. And, of course, so clean.

Te website incorporates a search engine based on a big database of cleaning solutions. It also includes articles from specialized influencers of the sector and a cleaning dictionary.

Apart from the search engine –the cornerstone of the project, as it allows the users to access easily to all the contents they need– the user interface had to be visually attractive, helping on the article reading experience, and have an simple and intuitive navigation too.


In every project the content and the form are equally important.

In this project, where the content is the lead, our website development team works periodically with the SEO team, with the objective of multiplying the content potential and getting the maximum visibility.

The challenge was to achieve that the contents would not just be interesting, but also visually attractive. This way we try to fulfill the user experience in all senses.