Design and culturewith a social value

2018 Annual Report for Fundació SETBA.
Concept — Design — Layout and artwork

Fundació Setba is a private non-profit entity in Barcelona. It was born with the aim of bringing art closer to groups at risk of social exclusion. Promote a fairer and more inclusive society. Through art form, it helps to structure and unite the social fabric.

From art to paper

Fundació Setba wanted to capture the work of a whole year in its Annual Report. The challenge was to present the information in a visually appealing way. And thus, accentuate the visual force of artistic creation.

The design created wants to transmit the values ​​of the entity with a functional and elegant approach.

A modular structure, generous white spaces and care in typographic work give rhythm to the composition.

Likewise, they give it an elegant and neat touch.

Formal presentation of projects is essential to communicate content. Additionally, highlights and annotations are strategically arranged in the layout.

Images are in the center of the design and structure the publication.