Large-scale musical theater

Graphic campaign for La Jaula de las locas and La tienda de los horrores productions, produced by Nostromo Live.

Nostromo Live has revolutionized the panorama of musical theater in Barcelona and Madrid. La Jaula de las locas (2018) and La tienda de los horrores (2019) are two superproductions directed by Àngel Llàcer and Manu Guix.

Minsk have made the campaign image for both productions, acording to their artistic direction, aesthetics and set design.

La tienda de los horrores

Minsk has conceptualized and designed the main image of the production. We have created a logo with letters that adopt the appearance of a carnivorous plant, the main protagonist of the work. We have also worked on multiple adaptations: from the poster to the hand program, in addition to buses, panel advertising, interventions at train and metro stations …

La Jaula de las locas

‘La Jaula de las locas’ was the first major production by Nostromo Live group. Based on Broadway production’s design, we made a custom adaptation. It was about maintaining the essence of the musical, although with its own personality. The entire campaign adopted fuchsia and large-scale neon typography as the common thread. In this case, we also carry out all adaptations and applications.