Art and tradition of kakizome

Christmas for Udon restaurants franchise.
Concept — Production — Direction - Postproduction

With the collaboration of Abel Molina

Kakizome’s tradition is celebrated every 2nd of January, with the beginning of the New Year.

It consists in writing, with ink and brush, a word, a poem or a good omen message to get the new year off to a good start.

After some days, kakizome are burnt in a purifying ceremony.

(Peace & harmony)

Making of

Campaign concept

In Udon they traditionally base the Christmas campaign on a short film related to an oriental tradition little known in the western culture.

After investigating this premise, we got to the kakizome tradition. It’s in itself very strong, both aesthetically and conceptually, and it allowed us to create a poetic video in which a calligrapher wrote his own kakizome: peace and harmony.

To enrich the campaign, we created a contest through social networks. Clients of its restaurants could write their own kakizome on the paper tablecloths. Then they shared it on Instagram with the campaign hashtag. The winner got a dinner for two at a Udon restaurant of their choice.

Tablecloth design: Abel Molina, Art director of Udon.