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Corporate Christmas for RD Sistemas, since more than 15 years ago.
Concept — Production — Direction — Postproduction

With the collaboration of Can Sons

Year after year, RD Sistemas gives us the opportunity to make their corporate Christmas. In the last years, we’ve made these audiovisual pieces with different techniques and formats.

Christmas 19/20

Production of a Christmas greeting with stop motion.

This is the second chapter of a series that we started in the previous year. In it we evoque a corporate video, but made from child’s point of view.

All the materials are handmade with paper and cartboard.

Making of

Christmas 18/19

Production of an audiovisual piece that recreates the classic corporate video for a company. But, in this case, it is explained by two kids.

It’s made with the materials that they have around, showning concepts as they imagine them.

Watch the making of

Making of

Christmas 15/16

Production of a motion graphics piece showing a Christmas calendar.

Every number shows a typical Christmas element corresponding to that day in the calendar.

The rythm of the video reflects how fast the Christmas holidays pass. So, is there a better way to enjoy them apart from being with the family?